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"Anesthesia & the Soul" (see: ) is a book written to answer a need. For many years those interested in Near-Death Experiences and Out-of-Body experiences have been skirting around the core aspect of these fascinating experiences that reveal so much about the functioning of our bodies and minds.


The market has been provided with a plethora of books such as "Life after Life" by Raymond Moody, Evidence of the Afterlife", by Jeffery Long, "Proof of Heaven:"by Eben Alexander, "Consciousness Beyond Life" by Pim van Lommel, "The Handbook of Near Death Experiences" by Janice Holden and others, "The Self Does not Die", by Rudolf Smit and A. Dirven, etc, etc. The list is endless varying from serious works to to anthologies of near-death experiences, to popular "woo".

But all these books have one thing in common -- they claim these experiences prove the reality that people have some sort of immaterial, separable consciousness. Yet they ignore the next step which is proving people really do have some sort of immaterial separable consciousness. After all, if an immaterial separable consciousness is illusory, then these experiences are yet another in the gamut of marvelous human hallucinatory experiences, and removes the necessity for examining these experiences in a case by case manner.

"Anesthesia & the Soul" (see: https://anesthesiasoul.com) examines the properties and reality of such an immaterial separable consciousness in a systematic fashion using insights from medicine and physics.

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